My father bought DIAL-A-CAR from Chris in 1991 and called it M&S CARS. Mick and Sue being the people running M&S CARS as a 24 hour service (employing a couple of drivers) which ran as M&S CARS for twenty years covering various local contracts and social school runs, with very happy customers who had used M&S CARS for this twenty year period.


My father Mick has now retired and passed on M&S to his son, that’s me, Lee.

Wow I’ve got a lot to live up to because in the past when I’ve covered my dads contracts for him, his customers tell me that in one day he went

to Heathrow three times and that he never let them down not once and was never late, so as I say a lot is expected of me BIG SHOES TO FILL.


I started cab driving in 1998 for a company called DUNN LINE taxis based in Beeston. A taxi firm with at least 50 cars that was run by Jim M C Faul. DUNN LINE TAXIS had one of the biggest contracts in Nottinghamshire for a firm called EXPERIAN – An american credit card company. Times where very good. I spent about 3 years driving cabs then got myself a job in the office taking calls and dispatching jobs, this was for around 4 years.

I then moved back to driving for 6 years for another Beeston-base Taxi company, then back to Dunn Line for 1 year, who have now changed their name to CabLine. CabLine own a sister company now called CabLine UK and have some major contracts for the whole of the UK hence the name. Working for CabLine we shuttled train drivers all over the country during the FAMOUS NOTTINGHAM TRAIN STATION BLOCKADE, so my experience is great.

I am looking forward to giving my dads customers a good public service for hopefully the next twenty years.

There is no job too big or small and my knowledge is immense.

I look forward to giving it my best shot

Thanks to everyone for your support so far.